Knights, pirates and cowboys, oh my!

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Wishes & Wedding Cake -- Debora Dennis

I believe in second chances and that time should never be an obstacle to falling in love. (I also believe that chocolate is a food group that no meal is complete without, but that's a story for another time.)

If you enjoy romance across time with modern snark and healthy dose of sexy - you're in the right place.

Kick off your shoes, make yourself at home and browse around my beautiful redesigned website. Here you'll find my latest releases and excerpts to entertain you. Between updates to my news page, I hope you'll stop by my weekly blog for up-to-the-minute ramblings and sneak peeks into my current works-in-progress.

When I'm not writing, I'm frequently spotted being social all over the 'net. I look forward to meeting you on Facebook, Twitter, or by E-mail, I love to hear from my readers, so don't be shy! 

...Come escape into my world, where it's always the right time to fall in love!

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“We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not breaths; in feelings, not in figures on a dial.”
~ Philip James Bailey