Welcome Friends,

Summer has finally arrived in my corner of the universe…aka, the east end of Long Island. The farm stands are brimming with locally grown produce, honey, flowers, and fresh baked pies. Weekends here always include a trip to the farmer’s markets or a visit to one of many North Fork vineyards…yes, we are a wonderful wine growing region!

You’ll see my two latest new released in the sidebar and I’m currently working on a new cozy series…a little romance, a little murder…sound like fun? Updates will be coming soon. (Signup for my newsletter to get all the behinds-the-scenes details!)

I’m a firm believer in second chances and that time or circumstances should never an obstacle to falling in love. If you enjoy romance with a dose of snark, flirty fun, and plenty of sexy…you should be right at home.

I’m active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’ll find all the links on my Contact page. I love to connect with friends, so don’t be shy.

…Come escape into my world, where it’s always the right time to fall in love!

Monday Word ~ Adrift #MondayBlogs

ADRIFT – adj, adv   floating without mooring   When deciding on this new weekly feature for the blog I sat in front of my computer, watched the cursor taunt me and absently flipped through the dictionary on my desk. The word “Adrift” caught my eye and the light bulb illuminated. Isn’t Monday the perfect …

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More on Monday #MondayBlog

Every Monday I wake up with the same feeling…wondering what the new week will bring. I get up at my usual time, my brain running down the mental list of everything on my to-do list while the hot water of the shower wakes me up. But today was just a little bit different and I think …

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