Jul 17 2017

Monday Word ~ Adrift #MondayBlogs

ADRIFT – adj, adv   floating without mooring


When deciding on this new weekly feature for the blog I sat in front of my computer, watched the cursor taunt me and absently flipped through the dictionary on my desk. The word “Adrift” caught my eye and the light bulb illuminated.

Isn’t Monday the perfect day of the week to conquer the feeling that you might be adrift?

Over the last few years I am not ashamed to admit this one word often sums up how I feel. I lay in bed on Monday mornings and plan the upcoming week…the day job, the dinners, the meetings, the deadlines. All the things I want to accomplish and the internal feelings that go with all of them.

Sometimes we have to sit back and focus on what’s important, how to get there and where to aim the sails, being adrift is okay for vacation, but it doesn’t work for long-term goals.

This week I’m looking at my life like a boat. My boat is bobbing on the sea, sometimes the water is smooth as glass, other days the rough current is threatening to capsize my boat…and I’m taking notice of my crew! I need to pay more attention to the people around me, the ones who depend of me and me on them…

Step 1: determine the goal…not just one, I have a career goal (write the damn book!), I have a relationship goal (no matter what, stay connected to family and friends every week!) and a personal goal (health, both mental and physical!)

Step 2: make a plan…every day do something toward each one of my goals. Write. Email, text, call, visit…let the people in your life know they are a priority. Make a healthy meal, take a walk, meditate…anything that adds something positive to my health.

Step 3: Use a planner…this works!

So, what’s your plan to keep your oars in the water and not feel adrift? Got some advice or a system that works for you? Let me know, don’t be shy!

Happy Monday!

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