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Date registered: September 20, 2016

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  1. Pizza Time! — July 27, 2017
  2. Good morning stretch! — July 26, 2017
  3. Monday Word ~ Adrift #MondayBlogs — July 17, 2017
  4. More on Monday #MondayBlog — April 18, 2017
  5. #10 in Short Stories! #JourneyOfTheHeart — February 18, 2017

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Jul 27 2017

Pizza Time!

One of my kids favorite things is my home made pizza. Which means waking up early to make the dough so it can rise while I’m at the day job. Is it worth the effort, you ask? HELL YES! First of all, there is nothing better than coming home to the smell of dough…aahhh….yeast… Then, …

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Jul 26 2017

Good morning stretch!

HAHA…not me! I DID manage to get my butt out of bed an hour earlier today and WOW it’s been a wonderfully productive morning already. I just might have to try to make this a regular thing. Up at 5am every day? We’ll see…    

Jul 17 2017

Monday Word ~ Adrift #MondayBlogs

ADRIFT – adj, adv   floating without mooring   When deciding on this new weekly feature for the blog I sat in front of my computer, watched the cursor taunt me and absently flipped through the dictionary on my desk. The word “Adrift” caught my eye and the light bulb illuminated. Isn’t Monday the perfect …

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Apr 18 2017

More on Monday #MondayBlog

Every Monday I wake up with the same feeling…wondering what the new week will bring. I get up at my usual time, my brain running down the mental list of everything on my to-do list while the hot water of the shower wakes me up. But today was just a little bit different and I think …

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Status update

This week our Journey of the Heart Anthology hit #8 on the Amazon Short Story list..Woohoo.

Currently at #10, I’m super proud of the being a part of this with 7 other talented authors. If you checked it out…we’d love some reviews!

If you haven’t checked it out…here’s the link:



Feb 10 2017

New Website/New Release!

Welcome! We got a nice dumping of just over a foot of snow here on the east end of Long Island, which means a snow day for me…hence the new updated website. Please let me know if you find broken links or anything wacky. 🙂 In other news…I have a new release! I am excited …

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